Murder on the Menu - The Rice Table Podcast

Murder on the Menu

On this episode, I discuss the reasons behind my decision to start podcasting and explore some of the most popular podcast genres. Additionally, I delve into true crime cases and high-profile incidents within the restaurant industry. To top it off, I present a brief fictional murder mystery story called “Murder on the Menu.” As a…

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Beautiful Balinese Cooking

In this podcast we are talking with Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa. He is a successful global executive chef, culinary director and  co-author of the recently released cookbook Paon  – Real Balinese Cooking. Chef Wayan  was trained and worked in the US for six years in Michelin-rated kitchens and helped launch several restaurants in Indonesia. He is…

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An Amsterdam Brown Cafe

In this episode we are talking with Addy Sulley. He is the owner and gregarious host of Addys Dutch Cafe & Restaurant, located downtown Greenville,SC. Addys is one of the few Dutch restaurants in the US. What makes Addys unique is the interior, imported decoration from Holland to make it exactly like an Amsterdam “brown”…

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Melany Lintuuran - Indonesian Women Alliance

Enjoying Indonesian Flavors

Meet Melany Lintuuran, founder of the Indonesian Women Alliance (IWA), a non-profit organization founded in Los Angeles in 2015. Together in unity, IWA has grown into a global movement to empower women to thrive and make a positive impact. IWA’s members come from all backgrounds, all ages and all professionals from Housewives, Activists to Entrepreneurs, from Nurses, Caregivers…

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Satay LA _ Ian Claproth_ Indonesian Satay in Los Angeles

Indonesian Satay in Los Angeles

In this episode we have a conversation with Ian Claproth. Together with his cousin Stephanie, his business partner, they run Satay LA  a pop-up and food stand specializing in Indonesian satay! The menu features delicious items like pork satay, tofu satay (for vegetarians), nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice – recipe by his grandmother) and satay…

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Cédric Vongerichten The Rice Table Podcast

Indonesian cuisine with a modern French Flair – with Cédric Vongerichten

In this episode of The Rice Table podcast our guest is Cédric Vongerichten, chef and owner of Wayan, a French Indonesian restaurant in New York’s City’s Nolita neighborhood – his first solo venture which he opened in February 2019. Chef Cédric has worldwide experience in the hospitality industry and opened restaurants in four different continents…

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Culinary Diplomacy with Kathiana LeJeune

Culinary Diplomacy

Our special guest in this episode is Kathiana LeJeune, author of The Power of the Palate: Through the Great Exchange. We have a conversation about Culinary Diplomacy and her passion for peace-building policy, women’s rights, human rights, women’s access to global higher education, and global public relations. Kathiana realized how food drives our relationships, connections, and…

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pepy nasution what indonesia eats

What Indonesia Eats

Our special guest in this podcast is Pepy Nasution. Pepy is a blogger, photographer and cooking instructor. She has been featured on Winnipeg Free Press, and magazines in Indonesia and Malaysia and different websites also in Canada and the US. Recently, she contributed to two Indonesian cookbooks published in the Netherlands. We have a conversation on…

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De Dutch Touch - book about the Dutch influence in American

Dutch Treat

In this episode we have a conversation with Willem Meiners, holder of two world records flying from Alaska to Antarctica as a helicopter aviator, former newspaper editor, radio station owner, former publisher, and author of the book The Dutch Touch. Willem Meiners, born in Amsterdam, has lived and worked in America since 1991. He has…

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Indonesian Sweet Talking with Farah Quinn

Meet Farah Quinn, Indonesian celebrity chef, restauranteur and award winning media personality, known for her culinary television shows.  Farah Quinn hails from Bandung Indonesia, has a bachelor’s degree in finance at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of culinary arts at Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in the US. She participated in the World Pastry Championship…

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Promoting Indonesian Culture in Philly

We are talking with Sinta Penyami Storms, passionate dancer, marketing expert and promotor of Indonesian culture in Philadelphia.  Sinta’s vision is to preserve the traditional culture through dancing, food, events and other experiences for the South Philly’s Indonesian community as well as the greater Philadelphia public. Listen to our conversation with another Indonesian entrepreneur in…

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Indonesian Fine Dining In LA

Meet Chef Zen Ong, consultant and entrepreneur in Los Angeles. Zen hails from Down Under and was featured in last year’s L.A. Times as one of the rising stars of modern Southeast Asian fine-dining. We are having a conversation about his passions and his vision of Indonesian cuisine. Zen Ong: “The way I approached it,…

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Celebration meals in California

Meet Richard Foss, a journalist, author, culinary historian, and lecturer based in Manhattan Beach, California. We are talking about celebration meals in California and the history behind it. Richard also talks about his book the surprising history of food and drink in the skies. To learn more about Richard Foss, go to his website Richard shared his…

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Fired Up in San Francisco

Meet Chef Siska Silitonga, the first Indonesian Food Truck driver in San Francisco, bringing a bit of her Batak culture to the Bay Area. She shares her story about her journey and her award winning Indonesian spice pastes for home kitchens across the USA. Tune in and find out more about this passionate and talented…

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The Rice Table Podcast

Welcome to The Rice Table; a celebration of food and culture, between East and West. Each episode will cover a new subject. The show is hosted by Jeff Keasberry – published author of 4 cookbooks on Dutch Indonesian cuisine. Twice a month, passionate people are invited to have a seat at his table. There are…

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It’s All About The Broth

In conversation with: brothers Erwin & Eric Tjahyadi, successful entrepreneurs behind Komodo restaurants and Bone Kettle – South EastAsian Restaurant & Bar in Old Town Pasadena – famous for its broth! Photo credits: Anthony Lu for food. Jesse Hsu for portraits. Music David Cutter. Production: Jeff Keasberry

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Exploring Asian American Home Cooking

In conversation with: Pat Tanumihardja, food, travel and lifestyle writer and  best selling author of cookbooks, like; The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, Farm to Table Asian Secrets and her two latest books: Asian Pickles At Home and Instant Pot Asian Pressure Cooker Meals. Check out the following links: Photo credits: Sanya Chopra for food and portrait. Music…

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