It’s All About The Broth

In conversation with: brothers Erwin & Eric Tjahyadi, successful entrepreneurs behind Komodo restaurants and Bone Kettle – South EastAsian Restaurant & Bar in Old Town Pasadena – famous for its broth! Photo credits: Anthony Lu for food. Jesse Hsu for portraits. Music David Cutter. Production: Jeff Keasberry

Pangsit Goreng – a delicious crispy surprise

An old time favorite and no.1 on the Indofood appetizer chart: Pangsit Goreng. This deep-fried dumpling with special meat mixture was a great starter at our restaurant Djokja in Amsterdam. One regular guest would always call ahead: “I am on my way, can you have 3 orders of Pangsit Goreng ready at my table?” Pangsit Goreng…