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Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets Cookbook


Current print SOLD OUT!!

Sorry to disappoint you. The interest in this heritage cookbook has been overwhelming.

Indo Dutch Kitchen Sercrest is an inspiring full-color, hardcover cookbook about a unique culinary heritage, told through a collection of delicious recipes & stories.

The first Indo Dutch Heritage Cookbook in English is available in the USA. Recipes from Indonesia and the Netherlands. If you like a signature by the author, make sure you include a note with your order.

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Online Cooking Class Indonesian meal


Online Cooking Class with Chef Jeff. During a live video call of up to 90 minutes, you will get instructions on how to make an Indonesian meal. A  shopping list and recipe will be e-mailed 5 days before the online cooking class. 1 menu item. The one-meal cooking class is designed for groups of 6 – 12 people.

Private Cooking Instruction & Rijsttafel • In • A • Box


Rijsttafel • In • A • Box is a starter kit with ingredients for a carefully selected 10 items 3-course dinner for two to four people. The box includes: raw ingredients, spice mixes and some ready made pre-packed dishes that don’t require refrigeration. Also included is a shopping list for you for fresh products like; protein and vegetables. An all vegetarian Rijsttafel menu is available. Delivery anywhere in continental USA.

Live one-on-one video call up to 120 minutes to assist the home cook during the cooking process and to give suggestions on how to best serve the Rijsttafel.