(English) The basis: how to cook rice?

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From the store to the kitchen to the table. Read all about it – a step by step ‘how to cook rice to a tasty grain!’

1. Wash the raw rice (beras)

Put rice in the pan and add water while making a stirring motion with your hand. Discard any found little stones. Strain the water and add new water. Repeat the process until water is clear. Good cleaned rice tastes better and gives a nice shine.

2. Measuring water

After washing the rice put it in the pan with the right amount of water. The proportion is  1:1.5. 1 little cup of rice per person and 1 1/2 cup of water. An easy way to do this is to fill up the rice pan with the desired amount of rice and then add the water to 1 finger phalanx above the surface of the rice.

3. Cooking

a) Use of electric rice cooker: just put in the washed rice with 1 finger phalanx of water, put on the lid and press the start button.

b) Use two pans.  1 pan with rice on the stove without lid until the water boils. Simultaneously you cook water in another larger pan. Like a steamer pan.  When you use a separate strainer check that it does not touch the water. Also, make sure the lid fits well.  Wait until the water has been absorbed by the rice and it shows there are little ‘craters’ over the entire surface. Now put the rice in the steamer or a strainer. Put the lid on it and steam it on the stove on high. Toss the rice so now and then. When the rice is done, keep it warm on a small fire until it is time to serve it. Add water to the steamer when needed.

4. Put the granular rice in a bowl to serve.