Jeff Keasberry on KoffieMax – Dutch morning TV show

Another behind-the-scenes report from Jeff on his new adventures. What a busy week. After the book launch last Saturday, March 24, I was in the TV Studio today with my mother March 28. We were at KoffieMax, a morning show on national Dutch Television, hosted by Myrna Goossen. I was invited to do the cooking segment and present my new book ‘ Indische Keukengeheimen’ (Indies Kitchen Secrets) What a great day it was and Myrna is such a wonderful person. The team of KoffieMax was extremely friendly and helpful. My mother and I arrived early in the morning. I was escorted to my dressing room. Shortly thereafter, Myrna came in to say good morning to us and mentioned that she was looking forward to Indonesian cooking. ‘You can wake me up in the middle of the night for Indonesian food!’ I had the guts to explain that I was going to cook  ‘Indies’ not ‘Indonesian’ and that my book is all about that. Indies, a little different! “Apah Boleh Buat! she replied, smiling in perfect Indonesian. Meaning: “What does it matter!’, as my mother told me. Around 10:00 am I got a powder on my face to avoid my head to shine during the show. The makeup artist said she also like ‘Indonesian food’, but it is so labor-intensive. She did not always know what meat to buy for the stew. It does take a long while to simmer and sometimes she had to start 3 days before, to make a ‘rijsttafel (banquet dinner with lots of different dishes and rice). In contrast to Thai cooking which is less demanding, and labor-intensive. I could not really blame her, but tried to explain to her that the ‘Indies (Dutch-Indonesian) cuisine’ has a vast repertoire of “simple and tasty” dishes, which does not require much time. By the time I was going to elaborate on the dishes, she was ready with my face. Next phase was to install myself in the kitchen on the set. Unpack and put everything in place. Wadjan on the induction plate, fill with water and bamboo steamer on top. Spekkoek (layer cake with spices) cut for the public and Myrna on the table. There was a brief rehearsal. All was set to go on the set. Let the show begin! I was instructed to stay busy even when everything was ready. ‘Keep cutting them onions on camera – even if they turn to mush!’ During the interview with Myrna I could explain the difference of the Indies (Dutch-Indonesian) cuisine, one of the oldest fusion cuisine’s – which is explained in my cookbook ‘Indies Kitchen Secrets’.  Myrna took another bite of the ‘Baso Taufu Jessy Style’ and thanked us and the audience before she left. After the camera’s and lights went of the audience and studio staff lined up to taste some of the steamed snacks (a.k.a Siomay Bandung).  The reactions were extremely positive. Fortunately, because the induction plate did not always work during the broadcast. Everything was on time and done. Mission Accomplished! Below an impression of an adventurous day in the studio.


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