Food Crimes Against Italian and Indonesian Cuisine

Welcome to a tantalizing new episode of The Rice Table podcast,  we talk about unmasking culinary violations and taboos against Italian and Indonesian cuisine. What do the two have in common? Tips on how to best appreciate Indonesian food. I invited two Indonesian restauranteurs in California to share their experiences and opinions about any unspoken…



Experience the vibrant fusion of flavors with Rijsttafel, a traditional culinary tradition that originated in the time of the former Dutch East Indies (modern Indonesia). Join The Rijsttafel Club, where you’ll embark on a gastronomic journey, discovering the rich heritage of Indo-Dutch cuisine passed down through generations. Indulge in our chef’s specially curated 3-course menu…


American Stuntman Turned Indonesian Food Enthusiast

For this podcast episode, we invited a fascinating guest who combines two intriguing worlds: Hollywood set and Indonesian cuisine. Meet our guest Steve Tartalia, an American stuntman. He offers a unique perspective into the captivating world of stunt performers. We will explore the behind-the-scenes aspects of stunt work, including the challenges, risks, and rewards associated…