Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets

The response to the first Indo Dutch Heritage cookbook in English has been overwhelming. I am very thankful  for the feedback received so far, some of it in writing –  read below.


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“Hi Jeff,

I wanted to let you know that the 2 cookbooks just came in the mail today and thank you very much.

I was pleasantly surprised it contained so many traditional Indo and Dutch dishes my Mom used to prepare for our family. She cooked all the dishes and ingredients by “kira kira”, and never wrote down the recipes.

This cookbook is a valuable little treasure to me, so now I get to know all the Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets as well. The book also described the Indo Dutch History and Culture and what we are all about. So Precious!

My daughter (residing in Northern Idaho with her family) is also curious about the Indo Dutch culture and cuisine. I will surprise her and send it to her as a Christmas gift.

Thank you so much for your efforts of creating this cookbook in the English language!”

 – Robbie Jacob


“My Dad was co-founder of IMI in Bay Area. We grew up dancing and enjoying our Indo roots. Since his passing my children don’t have that deep connection. Your book will help them to keep our history and Love of food and family alive when I’m gone! Look forward to their reactions when they open Christmas gift! Thank-You! The Littlest Roza “

-Tawnie Brown


“I have received my copy of your new book from the Kickstarter campaign and I am blown away. You did a great job. As a Dutch-Indo myself, I grew up with many of these dishes from my grandmother. She has not cooked in many years and I was afraid (until now) that we may never see these dishes again. Recently, our family has struggled to collect her recipes, but your book has captured just this. I am upset that I did not purchase a larger quantity of these books from the start. It would be a very nice gift to share such a special collection of recipes with my family.”

Casey Braaksma


“This cookbook means so much to me. I cried as I walked through ” my Oma’s kitchen” in the pages. Thank you for creating this for us second and third generation Indos.”

– Sabrina Lindsey Rouse


“Thank you for publishing your new cookbook “Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets”! I had pre ordered it and was so excited to receive it last week. I wasn’t prepared for the deep emotions it brought out in me. Both my parents are gone and this answers some of the questions I can no longer ask them about the history of their move to Holland. From just reading the names of the foods from my childhood to photos of kitchen ware we had and remembering my father cooking nasi goreng every Sunday and that being the day we were allowed to eat with our fingers! Just love this book. I was born in 1959 in Holland, just shortly after my family moved to Doordreght. My family and I have lived in upstate NY since 1969 but love our Indisch culture, as do all our American born kids. I’m looking forward to cooking all the dishes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Donna P. Martin


“It’s here! It’s stunning, beautifully presented, (as one would expect from a master chef!) informative in so many ways, and I can’t wait to play cook. Thank you, Jeff!!”

-Yvonne Lutter


“I’m so excited that my daughter wants to continue our family recipes. This isn’t just a cookbook…Ludy you are so right it preserves our culture.”

-Fran Colin


“Got my cookbook and I love it! It means even more that I have this one and your Oma’s cookbook (my Tante Astrid Meyjes gave it to me)! Thanks Jeff!”

-Margie Binkuysen Bowman


“As I read through my new Indo Dutch Cookbook I was amazed that every single Indisch food that I grew up with and love was in this book!! And even the recipes are close to our own family recipes – we truly share a rich and amazing culture. Thanks, Jeff, for helping to preserve it! Love my new cookbook!!”

-Ludie van Broekhuizen 


“Thanks for your cookbook Jeff Keasberry. Looking through all the recipes in your book is bringing back a flood of great memories. Thank you so, so much.”

-Linda Hull


“Love my roots. Thank you Jeff Keasberry. You have no idea what you have done for my sister and me. Thank you. Hope to see you soon.”

-Grace Louie


“Woo Hoo! Got my book. Beautifully done, descriptive, can’t wait to cook! Touched by the stories. Somehow the one thing that touched me most was how your Oom John ended his letter with “New York – home of those who ‘made it’”. See I already read it cover to cover. Thanks, Jeff. And congratulations.”

-Mirna Bowman


“Been enjoying thumbing through my new cookbook I don’t know what to cook first!!!”

-Tina Petrilak


“Just got our copy in the mail it’s wonderful my wife loves it!”

-Robert Blondeel-Timmerman


“Just received the book and I am truly impressed! It is beautiful, great job Jeff.”

-Joyce Johnson


“Just got your book today. It is BEAUTIFUL! I have skimmed through the entire book, it was nostalgic and informational. Loved the color pictures of the recipes and can’t wait to cook some old family favorites AND new ones! Congratulations on this book! THANK YOU!!!”

-Edith Russo


“The book is great Jeff, according to my husband (he’s Norwegian). He’s reading it, loves the history part of it. He got a kick reading about eating using spoon & fork because that’s how he does it to this day. I can’t get the book away from him.”

-Janet Ulland


“Jeff Keasberry’s amazing newly issued Indo Dutch Cook book, I cannot wait to make some of his delicious recipes, well done Jeff.”

-Karin van der Schaft


“Love my personal copy of Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets. The book, compiled by Jeff Keasberry, is not just a cookbook with wonderful recipes and pictures. The book has stories about customs from a time long ago in a country which no longer exists called The Dutch East Indies, the land where my family was born. Jeff shares his family’s history and heritage which is very similar to mine and thousands of others who now live all over the world including in these United States. He did an absolutely beautiful job in sharing a culture which many of us hold dear and are always willing to share with you. How better to share a culture than through the kitchen onto the dining table where we can talk about who we are whether born in Java or Texas, California or does not matter. We each have a rich heritage. This cookbook, available to all, shares a heritage and a culture that is rich in delectable dishes. I am so excited and thrilled to have my very own. Thank you, Jeff!!!”

-Louise Brough


“Let the cooking begin…thanks Jeff for bringing our flavors out for the rest of the world.”

Michael Leidelmeyer


“Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets. Is such a fabulous cook book. It’s so much more than “just” a cook book too — you’ve got to see it to understand. It celebrates who we are while giving us bits of history and understanding about our wonderful and precious dishes. It answers so many questions we’ve all had in our Indo households. I love my copy so much, Jeff! It has everything I could possibly want! You have thought of it all! You even have measurement conversions and suggestions for substitute ingredients. Such a blessing!! It’s excellent!!! Thank you! This is a true gift to our culture!! Indo Dutch food heaven! Mmmmmmm Lekker!!!”

-Jamie Stern


“I am the happiest guy today because a big package arrived in the mail and ….you guessed it, my cookbooks (3) are here….I was already reading, then remembered that Jeff Keasberry suggested taking a selfie when we get our book. Ok then, I told you I was happy. Heel hartelijk bedankt, het is een hele mooie boek met geweldig verhaal en leuke fotos. Nu heb ik geen excuses meer, en moet ik in de keuken gaan proberen.”

Cor van Overeem 


“Got mine, and it’s looking good! No more “katties”, vinger lengte, spitglazen, etc”. Easy to read and understand. Thanks Jeff.”

Margaret Schrauwen


“My grandmother gave me a cookbook with those types of measurements 48 years ago. I didn’t cook too much out of that book because it was to cumbersome to measure the weight of ten eggs etc, with measurements just as you described it. Just Jeff Keasberry’s cookbook and could not be happier!”

Wilhelmina Somers


“Received my book in the mail today! It’s beautiful! Thank you! I only wish my mom was still around to see it; she would have loved it…”

Helen Buiskool


“Finally received my own copy of The Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets by Indo Chef Jeff Keasberry today.

For those who haven’t received it or ordered it EAT YOUR HEART OUT while from now on I’m eating authentic Indo food.”

-Ben von Stockhausen


“And here is my unsolicited review of the book.

Undoubtedly this is an unique written cookbooks from all the Indonesian and Indische cookbooks published so far by incorporating the history and culinary development and fusion of Indonesian, Dutch and Indo cooking and also adding Jeff personal story of diaspora of the family from the former Dutch East Indies which many indo families can draw a parallel with their own experiences of leaving their land of origin and starting anew in a new country. Assuming that this cookbook is written primarily for the new generation of English speaking Indos, they can learn a lot of their own heritage and roots in this cookbook.

Jeff Keasberry is not only a good cook and writer but also an artistic designer and photographer as demonstrated by the cover photo of the gado gado salad dish. A restaurant will served you the gado gado dish with the vegetables on a plate with the peanut butter sauce spread over the vegetables, evoking images of unmentionables. He omitted this by placing the vegetables on the plate while the bottom already filled with the peanut butter sauce and thus presenting the vegetable in all its freshness and texture, definitely a much more pleasing image.

A honest review should also mentioned critical notes as a constructive suggestion for improvements in future reprints. Even though I can understand why Jeff is publishing the old family recipes in its original form in terms of spelling of Indonesian words to maintain its authenticity, I have a feeling that not much thought is given to the new spelling because his family moved to the Netherlands way before the official introduction of the new Numi spelling in August of 1972 of the Malay and Indonesian language. It is a fact that the Dutch Indos in the Netherlands continue as of today use the old spelling of “ oe “instead of “u”, “dj” in stead of “j” and “tj” instead of “c”. For English speaking Indos, for which this book is intended, the pronunciation of the new spelling characters is similar to the English pronunciation.

When the intention is keeping the old spelling for sake of authenticity then the new spelling should not be used, as seen in some sentences. And complete wrong spelling of ‘djuruk” for citrus should be corrected. It should be “jeruk”

For English speaking Indos who are not used to oe, dj, tj. it is confusing ,but even American Indos like Jan Krancher is making the same mistake in “jempol betoel” new spelling j and old spelling oe.

Care and thoughts were given to the publication of this unique cookbook which should also be given to the new spelling of Indonesian words.”

-Ben von Stockhausen


“Hi Jeff, I received my case of books today. I just wanted to tell you that I love the book I’ve been sick in bed all day and it’s been a pleasure reading it cover to cover, over and over. I have many Indonesian and Dutch cookbooks, and also Dutch Indo books too. But this book, the ease of recipes, history and translation is what I’ve been waiting for a long time. I can’t wait to share it with friends and family. I don’t think five was enough. I am giving them as gifts to the next generation of family, so they can carry-on with recipes. I’m going to need to order more or stop by the Holland Inter’l Market.

Hartlijke bedankt.”

Karin Reed


“Amazing cookbook Jeff! Going to try and cook one recipe every week. Love how you incorporate history, personal experiences and your talented photography. 

Thank you!”

Maureen Ellis


“Congratulations, Jeff! Your book is full of surprises! Even found my 8 year old self in it (the Soos picture.) now I have to tell all the Soos alumni in that photo, they have to get their own copy of your book!”

Hanneke Olson


“I love my cookbook, simple & clear and all the recipes I was looking for and more that would be great information to pass on to kids, grandkids. I am more than satisfied that I bought this book – every Indo should be getting one to pass on to the next generation and keep the “Indo” cooking going on for more generations. Thank you Jeff Keasberry”

Maureen de Schepper


“Hi Jeff-Yesterday was so fun.  It was like finding family.  I showed my husband & daughter your book and they could identify with all the pictures!  Especially the one of the pea soup with rice & sambal.  Also the ones of family.  We have the same pictures.  And now you’re in CA also. I was so excited to know that I belong!    It was really fun hearing you talk about the quirks of our upbringing. So far I’ve enjoyed reading the recipes and looking at the pictures in your book.  I like the way you remind me of my childhood through food.  It’s so important to keep that alive.  It’s how I’ve taught my children about their interesting  ancestors.  And I’m so happy to see boeboer  Ayam recipe.  That’s comfort food for me for sure.  Also, this is a book I will  share with my children so I can pass the heritage on to them.

Thank you so much for taking on this important project.  I appreciate it so much.  I can’t wait to start cooking.  Don’t know what to make first!” 

-Yasmin Kristel


“Your book has so exceeded my expectations Jeff! Thank you Mirna Bowman for inviting me to join. I made Ajam Smoor for my American husband. He loved it!

Also, it was a nice walk down memory lane reading all the recipes and ingredients. This book is a fine tribute to the Dutch-Indo culture!”

-Jose Bunzow


“Got my cookbook and I’m so happy. Can’t wait to get it out of the plastic to read it and start cooking. Dank je wel Jeff en jij ook smakelijke eten.”

Oma Reyes-Kneefel


“Jeff Keasberry understands that rijstaffel is an ensemble experience. In the indo-dutch vegetarian rijstaffel cooking class Jeff taught us,  we experienced combinations of textures of foods that were more than the sum of their parts. Fried nut crackers, a kind of ginger that I had never knew existed, were brought together in a syncrhonization of flavors that our friends and us enjoyed thoroughly.”

-Bobby Fishkin


“Thank you so much Jeff Keasberry ! Got my copy in the mail with Jamie’s! Looking forward to baking yum kaasstengels, pastei, indische Mac’N cheese (my Ma made the best but I never got her recipe) so hope your’s is close and last roedjak manis – again I nver got my Ma’s recipe , so Jeff I am so grateful to you for your in English Indo Dutch kitchen Secrets cookbook!”

-Terri Stern


“Undoubtedly one of the best cookbooks I have ever seen! The content is not only recipes, but a lot history, photos, stories, details, immensely educational. This cookbook will go down in history. Congratulations to Jeff Keasberry. Your book is a work of art. Perfect in every way. “

-Marci Wiesen


“Best Wishes and Thank You for the painstaking time to write this book. It’s much needed for this generation with Dutch-Indo heritage. Can’t wait to get it and share with my kids.”

Maya Feldman


“Received my Dutch Mag the other day, found you story today and was very glad because my mothers cook book is in dutch and I can not read that any more. By the way we had nasi goreng for dinner tonight. Have a very good day.”

-Carolina Ceelen


“I received my cookbooks and couldn’t be any happier. Beautiful book full of history and wonderful recipes and photography. I’m giving one to my sister for a gift. Our late mother was a wonderful cook of Indonesian food and this book brings back many wonderful memories of our childhood. Thank you so much for creating this book.”

– Art Rietveld


Your book is GORGEOUS and makes me proud to be part of the “tribe!”

– Margaret Maugenest




on December 13, 2016

This book is such a precious and priceless contribution to the cultural preservation of the Indo (or Indo-Dutch) people. The recipes celebrate the exotic and beautiful blend of Dutch and Indonesian cuisine with special touches that harken back to the romance of Dutch colonial times. Through the intermixing of Dutch and Indonesian peoples, this beautiful hybrid group known as Indos grew. They truly are the embodiment of everything good found on the Indonesian side and everything good found on the Dutch side — and this led to food — Indo food — which is like fireworks for your taste buds! Spicy, savory, or sweet with dynamic textures that feel so good on the plalette; Indo cuisine means your meal will be so exciting and soooooo delicious. You’ve probably had Thai food. You’ve probably had other asian foods. You’ve probably had common Dutch and European staples. Well everything you love about those foods can be found in Indo Food but with more excitement! You have to try it to understand that it IS that food you’ve been wanting all your life, you just didn’t know it yet.

The author, Chef Jeff Keasberry, has taken the most beloved Indo dishes and made their recipes finally available to English speaking people. This is revolutionary! It has not been done before. He is a pioneer in bringing Indo cousine to the English speaking population. He honestly gives the greatest tips in that book and shares the ingredients you can use to replace other ingredients if they’re too difficult to find near you. Everything you could possibly want to know about Indo food is in this book. It is a treasure. I can truly see it as the next trend in food. Get ready world — you’re going to be in tastebud Nirvana!

on November 27, 2016
Americans know what Thai cuisine is but ask them about Indonesian cuisine, or better yet, Indo Dutch cuisine, a fusion cuisine of Indonesian and Dutch colonial (Indies) influences, and you may well get more questions than answers. Part of this has to do with the fact that there are so few Indonesians restaurants in the US and part of this derives from the fact that we haven’t had a cookbook in English describing this cuisine. But that blind spot has now been filled by LA entrepreneur and chef Jeff Keasberry who learned to cook in his famous “oma’s” restaurant Djokja in Amsterdam. He has written several books on the subject for the Dutch market already but he is now making a big splash with this book in the US and English-language market.
I grew up on this food in the Netherlands as it’s part of my family’s and country heritage, so for me it’s like coming home every time I eat a Rendang, serve a Gado Gado or savor the thinly layered “spekkoek”, but having a book with recipes in English (now that I live in the US) is not just helpful but a rediscovery of dishes that I’ve forgotten to make and eat over the years.
The book offers a strong background in the history of this cuisine but also gives the reader a wide array of accessible and confidence-building recipes. Those of us who haven’t grown up with, for example, Thai or Indian cuisines (not to be confused with Indies or Indo Dutch– and if you don’t know the difference, all the more reason to BUY THIS BOOK) are often squeamish about making curries or chutney at home, but Jeff takes you by the hand and shows us that we can all prepare and eat Indo Dutch food without being four star chefs. If you’ve been to Indonesia, you’ll recognize some of the dishes and flavors but if you’ve been to the Netherlands you’ll be familiar with others, which is why the subtitle of the book reads From Stroopwafel to Rijsttafel.
Don’t think this is just another cookbook: it’s not. You’ll find yourself returning to this cookbook and impress your family and friends. Also, and hopefully, this book will introduce you to a part of the world and a part of Indo Dutch history that’s barely known in the rest of the world, including, I kid you not, in Indonesia… so hopefully this book is more than just a page turner but also part of your general education with regard to Dutch colonial history and delicious dishes. Eet smakelijk! Mari kita makan!
on December 13, 201
I am so pleased with the cookbook – it contains easy to follow instructions and beautiful photos of dishes, some of which I haven’t had in years. It’s a well organized cookbook that now holds a special place of honor in my kitchen.
Stories & Favorite Family Recipes from Stroopwafel to Rijsttafel is an extraordinary …
on December 25, 2016
Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets: Stories & Favorite Family Recipes from Stroopwafel to Rijsttafel is an extraordinary new book by Jeff Keasberry. The book is a tour de force bringing together Indo and Dutch cultures in a symphonic multicultural culinary experience. The book connects to how the past can be usable by present generations in joyful ways, how cultures can meet and create an extraordinary fusion, and how we can learn from the ways in which hosting traditions in Indo-Dutch culture contribute to sustainable, deep community ties. Hosting friends at feasts, and connecting the small plates of Tapas to an Indonesian multiplicity of flavors and Dutch culinary techniques can create a rich cultural tradition in the form of Rijsttafel. Jeff tells the story of the cuisine, the cultures that came together to make it possible, and why we should reuse the intergenerational conversational container that is a conversation over rijsttafel today. I really think that Jeff did a service to a modern global audience of english language readers who are passionate about Rijsttafel’s potential as a culinary and hedonistic bridge between cultures and people.
on March 1, 2017
Jeff has taken his immense talent of cooking and paired it with his incredible knowledge of the Indo Dutch heritage, and created an amazing cookbook. All the classics of the Indo and Dutch fusion tables are together in this colorful and sturdy book. It’s perfect for those born and raised in Indonesia, the Netherlands, or even America. As a first-generation American who grew up in Los Angeles, I’m keen to pass my heritage along to my daughters. As my mother was raised in Indonesia and the Netherlands and brought language and customs and cuisine along to America, much of that can be lost in immersion to the melting pot of the United States. Jeff’s book provides history, family narrative, and beautifully designed pages to offer not only a cookbook but an entire experience. If you are Indo, Dutch, or a mix of the two, these Kitchen Secrets will be helpful for English speaking generations eager to cook in the ways of our Omas and Opas. What a delight to take part of this publication from the KickStarter process onward. I highly support Jeff Keasberry and his important work found in this opus of a cookbook. Eet smakelijk!!
on November 27, 2016

My favorite parts of this priceless heritage cookbook are at the beginning of the book where the Indo Dutch heritage is described in great detail. And many, many full pages of beautiful displays of the food. Do not miss this special opportunity to add this book to your recipe collection. I am ordering books for all my sons because this is a great book for them to get to know their Indo Dutch heritage better. And purchasing for Christmas gifts to extended family members.

Yes, all the recipes are there: Oma’s pastei, Mama’s oliebollen, saucijzenbroodjes; Papa’s loempia, pisang goreng; sate babi, frikadel, babi ketjap, gado gado, erwtensoep, nasi goreng; Opa’s uitsmijter; Emma’s pasteitijes; Henk’s stamppot; Oma Sanne’s spekkoek. Yes, tjendol, rozenstroop, lemper, kroket, lots more; everything is there! There are additional sections for ingredients, herbs, tools and pans.

The book is divided up in the following sections: Rice, Noodles, Potatoes & Bread; Soups & Sajoers; Salads & Vegetables; Seafood; Meat, Poultry & Eggs; Tofu & Tempeh; Snacks & Side Dishes; Pickles & Sambals; Sweets & Beverages ; Meals for Special Occasion.

on December 13, 2016
Growing up in Maryland with a Dutch/Indonesian father and a “regular” mom (German/American) I was one of the few who had an Oma and who loved Bami, Nasi Goreng, and Lemper. I never talked about it because noone knew what it was. My Oma lives in Florida and I would only enjoy those delicacies once or twice a year. I wish I would of known how much I would long for my Oma’s dishes years after her passing….and like everyone else’s Oma, there wasn’t any recipes to be passed down. This book has brought back many happy memories, and as I make each dish, I remember my Oma and Opa and the love they had for their family and friends as we all ate together. I just hope my family loves my food as much as we loved Oma’s food. Thank you Jeff for such a great cookbook…its more than just recipes to me, its my childhood relived bite by bite.
on January 14, 2017
This is the only Indo Dutch cookbook you need if you want to try making Indo Dutch food. Jeff inherited the recipes from his grandmother and I recognize these recipes, as my own grandmother’s. My own grandmother lived with our family and was queen of the kitchen. She did not leave behind any recipes, but she used a cookbook with old-fashioned measurements. Jeff Keasberry wrote the recipes so that everybody can understand them. I bought his cookbook for each of my children and more! Please print out some more!
on August 12, 2017
This book is a long awaited key to unlocking some of the recipes that my mom cooked for us when I was younger! Easy to read and gives you the confidence to try them yourself. I love the family stories which along with the recipes, help me connect to my Indo roots. Thank you, Jeff!
on December 19, 2016
This book brought me right back to my childhood, all the recipes I grew up with. True Dutch Indonesian fusion. The unexpected bonus was the history of the migration to Holland. Love, love this book. A true treasure. The only problem is I’ve loaned it to my daughter and I don’t seem to be getting it back any time soon!
on August 7, 2017
This recipe book was more than I expected. It is very well written, even educational as well. The recipes are just like described, reminds me of my Mom’s cooking growing up and so easy to understand. Great Book, highly recommend it.
on February 7, 2017
This was a gift for my dutch-indo mom. She really liked it and said she had forgotten some of the recipes and some of the ingredients used. I liked the back ground stories as well. This is an excellent cook book and coffee table piece.
on December 18, 2016
As a Dutch Indonesian person with family roots in the colonial Dutch East Indies on both sides that go back to the late 1600’s, I have to say this cookbook covers our collective culture authentically and comprehensively! It contains recipes that could very well have been lifted from my mother’s kitchen! There needs to be another LARGE printing so that we can share our rich culture with the generations of Indo’s born and raised in the US as well as with the culinarily curious out there who need to know about this fantastic and diverse cuisine!
on January 18, 2017
This is a fabulous cookbook that also includes a very detailed and interesting history of the Dutch Indonesia diaspora. If you are interested in people of Dutch Indonesian descent and like the cooking, this is the book for you.
on January 12, 2017
Informative stories and very helpful for those I gifted with two books. I kept one, although now at almost 90 I have kind of concocted my Indo dishes my own way…… met kira kira…. je weet wel.
on January 4, 2017
All that and more! My family spend time reading the recipes and remembering the food associated with our Mam, Tantes, and various family members. And the recipes are really good and true! Highly recommended!
on January 15, 2017
Excellent cookbook !! Bought 5 for all my kids and friends for Christmas . Brings back great memories. Want to order 2 more.
on October 11, 2017
All my favorite childhood meals and more.!!!!
on December 14, 2016
Greatest book love the pictures,love the recipes,the the stories. What great memories for my husband I bought 2 books 1 for us and 1 for my daughter for a Christmas present a must have….
on December 21, 2016
I ordered 5 total for various family members. I love the recipes amazing pictures great addition to any foodies collection of cookbook. I can’t wait to cook my way through this book.
on December 28, 2016
Chef Jeff Keasberry has done an excellent job of writing this book with simple directions in English. Thank you Jeff for our first English version of Killer Indo Grinds cookbook.


The First of its Kind in the English Language

by Inez Hollander

OK. I am biased. 

When Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and food writer, Jeff Keasberry, asked me to proofread his Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets manuscript, the first cookbook for Indo Dutch cuisine in English, I said yes and found myself quickly immersed in his interesting family history and the mouth-watering recipes. But this is not just a cookbook but it offers history and context to a fusion cuisine all foodies should know about if they take themselves seriously.

After learning about this history, I remember going over the recipes at night, in bed, and my stomach would not stop growling. I finally got up, clanging pots and pans in the kitchen and my husband thought I’d gone raving mad. Walking into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he asked me what I was doing, and I said: “It’s that darn book of Jeff’s! And where the hell is my Trassi?!

Read more here


To read more about the book, check the following articles:

Rave reviews for 1st Indo Dutch Heritage cookbook

Indo Dutch Food Culture 101


To get your copy click here or on the image below.


Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets is an inspiring full-color, hardcover cookbook about a unique culinary heritage, explained through a collection of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes and stories.

Hi, I am Jeff Keasberry. My mission is to introduce America to the Indo Dutch Cooking style!

Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets takes you on a journey of the Indo Dutch diaspora that started in the former Dutch East Indies. It follows the path of the people who traversed different continents and multiple cultures while managing to preserve their heritage to reinforce their identity. It’s about a little known secret in the culinary world, a cherished cultural treasure, which is at the heart of this community. It explores and celebrates the blending of Indonesian, Dutch and the resultant Indo Dutch fusion cooking style, all coming together in one fascinating cuisine – more than 350 years in the making.

These cuisines are still relatively unknown in the USA. Despite Indonesia being the 4th most populated country in the world (more than 6,000 populated Islands), few Americans are familiar with the rich Indonesian and the indo Dutch fusion cuisine.

Indonesian food and Indo Dutch fusion is poised to make an impact in the novelty-hungry culinary world. It can be favorably compared to Thai food and therefore has great crossover potential. There is a growing interest in family recipes, apropos of cultural heritage and traditional cooking styles. The stroopwafel has gone mainstream and now it’s time for the Rijsttafel and all those other culinary treats to find their way to your table. We are presenting a cookbook to make this all accessible to you.


I am a Los Angeles-based event organizer, food blogger (, photographer and author of two cookbooks published in the Netherlands (2012 & 2014). Both books have been well received by the Dutch press and I have appeared on Dutch national television and radio. My family and I were featured in an exhibit on the history of the Dutch Indies cuisine at the Tong Tong Fair (the largest EurAsian Festival in the world) for 3 consecutive years, from 2011 through 2013. My family roots are in the former Dutch East Indies. I was born in Amsterdam and raised in my late grandmothers restaurant (a well-known cookbook author). I started working at the family restaurant at age 14. I worked my way up to becoming a professional host. Along the way, I learned from my father and mother—and eventually took over management of the restaurant at age 18. At the same time, I completed my formal training at the Hotel & Restaurant Management School in Amsterdam. In my books I explain my unique perspective on Indo Dutch cuisine. My formative years in a family of restaurateurs and my heritage research makes me uniquely qualified to reveal these international culinary secrets.

Since my move to Los Angeles in 2005, I started craving my mothers cooking, the food that brings me comfort and joy. I learned that little is known about the cultures I belong to and the food that I grew up with. There are no relevant cookbooks available in the English language. My passion to pursue the taste of home, turned into a mission; I want people to rediscover and explore this unique cooking style!


  • Stories about Holland’s eternal affection for its favorite fusion cuisine, including nasi goreng, gado gado, krupuk, lumpia, satay, sambal and the famous and elaborate rijsttafel. 
  • Indo Dutch specialties like klappertaart, spekkoek, risoles, kroket , smoor and macaroni-schotel are now staples of Indonesian cuisine.
  • All of these and traditional Dutch recipes for the popular stroopwafels, pancakes, bitterballen, and stamppot.
  • Easy-to-follow recipes: for snacks to elaborate dinners, for busy workdays, meals-on-the-go, even vegan and gluten free!
  • Cooking techniques and serving suggestions for appetizing presentations.
  • Ingredients and tastemakers explained.
  • Tips on sourcing ingredients, including substitutes to make things easier.
  • Inspiring ideas for menus and what to drink with your food.
  • You will find suggestions for different occasions and how to make an elaborate Rijsttafel.

Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets is more than a cookbook. The book pays homage to the mothers and grandmothers who contributed to the evolution of this cuisine. Yes, male chefs included. It’s about connecting people, a sense of belonging and joyful togetherness, or as they say in Dutch: ‘gezelligheid!’ It’s a keepsake cookbook for the coffee table and the kitchen table, to be used and passed on as a gift.

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