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Unique Indo Dutch Heritage Calendar

A unique Indo Dutch heritage calendar, featuring SoCal Indo-Dutch Americans loving their Indo Dutch food culture, is offered for free.  This limited edition calendar will be included with your cookbook order placed via this site.

We preserve our heritage whenever we serve that special food that relates to our community and culture. It provides a sense of identity in a fast changing world for future generations. Indo Dutch culture provides warm hospitality to all.

Are you curious to explore our cuisine or want to reconnect? Most Indo cookbooks are in Dutch. You don’t speak Dutch and want to retrieve that special recipe, once deemed lost forever? Then Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets is for you! It also makes for a great gift.

Especially for this new year we designed a unique Indo Dutch Heritage calendar that will be included for FREE with every order of the cookbook Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets, placed via this site only.

To place your cookbook order click here.

Our partner SOCAL INDO offers unique garments. Check them out here.

I wish you warmth and a house filled with the smell of terasi!

Chef Jeff


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