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The new sriracha on the block: Chabé

Sriracha has become the modern synonym for hot sauce, as Kleenex is for tissue and Band-Aid is for adhesive bandage.

The cult-like popularity of the trendsetting, U.S. made, fiery red condiment in the green-capped squeeze bottle with the rooster logo (aka rooster sauce) has even inspired Heinz, Tabasco and Lee Kum Kee to follow with their own version of Sriracha.

Chabé is yet another newcomer in what looks like a saturated market. I wondered; How are they going to be found – also online? For one, they have all the relevant names associated to HOT sauce put on their label: Chabé, sambal, sriracha, chili sauce.  The importers of this new product claim that this is “how sriracha should taste!” It’s made with fresh Cayenne & Bird’s Eye chili pepper and garlic. What makes this extra special is that Chabé Sambal is based on an authentic 50 year old Indonesian family recipe. Its flavor is rich and robust. It provides satisfying heat. Chabé Sambal can be used either as a healthy dip, or as flavor enhancer during the cooking process or as a marinade. Great for spicing up BBQ, stir fries, soups, burgers, tacos, pizzas & of course, it is an essential staple in Southeast Asian cooking.

What appeals to me about this product is that it is imported from Indonesia – the cradle of sambal chili sauce. The product name Chabé is inspired by the Indonesian word cabe which means chili. Sambal is an Indonesian loan-word of Javanese origins. It is native to the cuisines of Indonesia and also Malaysia and Singapore. Indonesians have been using the chili pepper for over 500 years to create spicy condiments. Traditionally made sambals ground in a pestle and mortar usually have a coarse texture and consistency. Compared to traditional sambals, the bottled instant sambals like Chabé Sambal often have a finer texture, more homogenous content, and thicker consistency, like tomato ketchup, due to the machine-driven manufacturing process.

What I also like is that it comes in a small squeeze bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. There is also a feel-good aspect to this product. The chili peppers used in Chabé are harvested from the mountain-side farms of Indonesia. By using Chabé Sambal you help support farmers and families in need.

In my opinion, the best way to to treat your tastebuds to Chabé Sambal, the new sriracha chili sauce, is to enjoy it ‘naked’. In other words, to be used as an unspoiled condiment or dip. Like for instance put a big dollup on a crispy chicken burger.

Or just on a slice of cheese on toast…

Ask for it at your supermarket or grocery store. For more information go to

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