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Indo Bento – Lunch Box Meal Ideas.

Summer vacation is over. It’s back to school and back to work. What’s for lunch? The cafeteria, (unhealthy) fast food or a packed lunch you bring from home? This week I will share some tasty and nutritious meal ideas for your (or your kids’) lunch box with and Indo-Dutch twist. Appetizing lunch ideas inspired by the Japanese Bento Box, also mixed with a bit of childhood food memories and practical and healthy food options. I remember my dad and mom lovingly making my lunches. Most of the time I would get sandwiches with the usual peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese or sandwich spread with an apple, orange or banana packed in tin foil. Sometimes I got a nice surprise and find some Indo-Dutch food snacks in my little lunch pack. And later in life I made my own to bring to work. I must admit that sometimes I would treat the wastebasket to my lunch, as I got tired of the same thing or a more delicious option presented itself that day. The trick is variety and making the food palatable. There are tons of options out there. All it takes is some inspiration and use of the right packaging.

First let’s look at what packing options are available. You can choose to go for disposable containers, tin foil, plastic wrap and paper bags. Or you can choose a reusable container.  The Tupperware containers are very popular. They last a lifetime. Nowadays there is so much more available. There are boxes that have different sized compartments to separate the different foods. They also come with plastic utensils, neatly tucked away on the inside. Microwave save and suitable for the dishwasher. Very practical.


Check out the following Indo Bento Lunch Box suggestions for this week:

1. Gado Gado. Get the recipe  here.


2. Noodle salad with fruit satay and Dutch spice cookies and caramel bites. Get the recipe here.


3. Sandwich trio with Kering Kentang.


4. Vegetable rolls, with chili sauce, roti kukus (steamed cake) and assorted rice crackers.


5. Indo-Dutch style Huzzar Salad with Pandan Cake (Chiffon cake with Pandan).


6. Rice with sauteed spiced grated coconut and peanuts with kecap manis.