You always wanted to try Indonesian food but ingredients are hard to find? Been meaning to improve your cooking skills? Just looking for something to do while you are stuck inside?  Try my online cooking class or give it as a present to someone else. Also great for couples, families and friends.

Online Cooking Class – remote & interactive

  1. Cook-Along Class  – Choose from different simple menus with easy to source ingredients. You will receive a shopping list and an overview of basic tools you’ll need to cook along in your own kitchen.  Duration: about 60-90 minutes. Great for multiple participants.
  2. Private Cooking Instruction – Choose the Rijsttafel-In-A-Box and you will receive all the specialty ingredients (spice pastes, condiments etc.) Also included is a  shopping list for the fresh protein and vegetables you have to add. I will give you step by step instructions on how to prepare and serve your own rijsttafel.  Duration: about 120 minutes.

Want to hang out, cook and drink some wine with your favorite friends. You will have the opportunity to live chat with chef Jeff for an interactive experience where you can ask questions while you cook.

What to expect:

After you book your menu of choice, you will receive a confirmation email and also the following:
  • Customized shopping list to buy everything you need
  • Written recipe with any special utensils or cooking ware you might need
  • The link to the platform where you will connect with me
  • Wine / Beer not included but encouraged

And Action!

Have your ingredients out and log into the platform a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
At the exact time, TADAA! I will appear on the screen and will welcome you. After a short introduction we get started.
You can chat directly with me, ask questions or slow down if needed.
At the end of the session, your dish(es) are ready to be served. Time to say goodbye and enjoy your delicious meal, already thinking of the next cooking class with Keasberry.

Rijsttafel • In • A • Box   

You don’t have to go out to a restaurant to get an Indonesian Rijsttafel. With Rijsttafel • In • A • Box you can stay at home. It’s a convenient way to serve a rijsttafel in a fraction of the time.

Rijsttafel • In • A • Box contains ingredients for a  carefully selected 3-course dinner for two. The box includes: raw ingredients, spice mixes and some ready made pre-packed dishes that don’t require refrigeration. Also included for you is a shopping list for fresh products like; protein and vegetables. An all vegetarian Rijsttafel menu is available. Delivery anywhere in continental USA.

Optional: book a Private Cooking Instruction with Chef Jeff. Live one-on-one video call up to 120 minutes to assist the home cook during the cooking process and to give suggestions on how to best serve the Rijsttafel.

Order Rijsttafel • In • A • Box. Either for yourself or as gift to someone else.

For more details on the menu options and costs, please fill out the contact form below and type under subject:

a) Cook-Along Class

b) Private Cooking Instruction & Rijsttafel • In • A • Box

c) Rijsttafel • In • A • Box (no cooking class)

Your Message: How many participants? Possible date(s)? Any questions.