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Jeff’s 3rd cookbook is going to be in English. It will be the first English Indo Dutch heritage cookbook of its kind. The book will be printed in the USA and is scheduled for release in October 2016.

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Jeff’s second cookbook; ‘De nieuwe Indische keuken van Jeff Keasberry’ (the new Dutch Indies Cuisine by Jeff Keasberry) was published in May 2014 in the Netherlands. The emphasis in this book is on contemporary Indo Dutch & Indonesian dishes that fit in a busy and healthy life style. Jeff offers make-overs of well known classic Indo Dutch  & Indonesian dishes, but also a whole range of newly inspired dishes by applying the Indo Dutch cooking style.

de_nieuwe_Indische_Keuken_van_Jeff_Keasberry_kl-680x450 copy

Jeff’s first cookbook ‘Indische Keukengeheimen’  (Dutch Indies Kitchen Secrets) was published in March 2012 in the Netherlands. It is a sequel to his Grandmothers popular cookbook that was in print for over 20 years. A book that is a tribute to his culinary heritage; his way of  paying homage  to his grandmother and mother, but also to the Indo-Dutch culture and cuisine. This cookbook is available in Dutch and sold in most bookstores and online.