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Cooking with Keasberry is my website about Indo Dutch food & lifestyle, dedicated to Dutch Indonesian Heritage Cuisine, the food I grew up with. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the multi-cultural capital of the Netherlands. I have called sunny Los Angeles, California my home since 2005. I began cooking because I was inspired by a longing for food that brings feelings of happiness and sweet memories of the people I shared it with growing up.

This website is also a place where we document a selection of precious Indo Dutch food recipes passed down from our late grandmother,  ‘Oma Keasberry.’ She introduced and popularized Indonesian and Indo Dutch Cuisine in Amsterdam with the opening of her restaurant, Djokja, in the early 1950’s. She was also hugely successful as the author of her Indonesian & Indo-Dutch cookbook, which was published in 1976 and remained in print for over 20 years. In her book, she revealed the kitchen secrets she developed over the years. In the Netherlands, she is known as the authority on Indonesian & Indo-Dutch fare, and is among the top five most consulted sources for learning how to prepare these classic dishes. From 2011 through 2013, Oma (and her restaurant and my cookbook) was featured at the exhibit on The history of Dutch Indies cuisine at the largest Eurasian festival in the world: Tong Tong Fair in the Hague, Holland.

I was fortunate to spend most my younger years working in my grandmother’s restaurant, which I took over from my parents when I was just 18. I grew up in a Indo Dutch atmosphere, surrounded by people who were passionate about cooking and eating. I savored many delicious Indo food dishes and learned the fine art of cooking from my mother by spending time with her in the kitchen. She is also well known for her culinary talents. With her collaboration, I was able to preserve most of my family’s secret recipes.

This website is my contribution toward preserving and keeping alive Indo Dutch cuisine and culture. What’s more important, though, is that I want the world to learn more about these wonderful classic, home cooked Indo Dutch dishes and about preparing Indo Dutch Heritage through my own and my family’s favorite recipes. Indo Dutch cuisine is considered to be one of the world’s oldest fusion cuisines. With respect to some traditional Indonesian and Dutch dishes, this cuisine offers a wide variety of fusion dishes, combining the best ingredients and cooking techniques of both cultures. This East and West approach offers infinite combinations and allows for the evolution to continue. Dutch Indonesian Heritage cuisine invites you to explore and experiment, enticing the most spoiled palate and culinary adventurer. In my kitchen, we offer a wide selection of home-style cooked dishes as well as fine dining, banquet-style dishes, such as the renowned “rijsttafel” that we served in our restaurant and at fancy catered events.

Are you of Indo Dutch descent or have roots in the former Dutch East Indies? Wherever you live in the world, I would love to hear from you. Please share with us your favorite dishes and recipes, as well as any wonderful stories you remember about sharing these meals with others.

Have fun exploring!


PS: I am proud to share that my first cookbook was published in the Netherlands in March 2012. The book is called ‘Indische Keukengeheimen’  (Dutch Indies Kitchen Secrets), Recipes and Stories of Three Generations of Keasberry’s. My 2nd book was published in May 2014. That book is called ‘de nieuwe Indische keuken van Jeff Keasberry.’  (the new Dutch Indies Cuisine). For now, these books are only available in Dutch. However, I am currently working on an English  version which should be available soon. Support / pre-order the book here.

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